Project ‘D O P E’

Years ago I fractured my spine, ouch and double ouch, both my knees were painful from years of cross country running during school and then a bit of old age and I’d snapped my Achilles tendon – when dancing of all things, wowzers that’s a painful injury. The results of which are that I have osteoarthritis in my back and knees and a best it can be fixed Achilles tendon (that’s a whole other story). Many a night I would struggle to get off to sleep,  wake in pain and struggle to get off to sleep again as I couldn’t get comfy. Painkillers and a pillow between my legs was the norm. Any time spent in bed would result in my joints ‘seizing up’. So this year I decided to start project ‘Dianne’s Old Pain Elimination’ or DOPE. Hmmm.

I practiced on myself (using self hypnosis). I used various techniques till I got relief then elimination. I mastered the art in time for my holiday to Rome in June 2017 where I averaged 18,000 steps a day for 4 consecutive days. No lost sleep and no pain medication. Hurrah!  (I also eliminated my fellow travellers pain in the airport on the way home, that’s another story too). Once home, I’ve gardened, cut tall hedges – so up and down a ladder and bounced on a bouncy castle – well it was my grand daughters birthday, be rude not to lol.
No rest for the fixed 😊 .

So, I just wanted to say, if your old pain isn’t telling you anything new and you want it to “do one and leg it” just contact me. Pay only when you’re happy the pain has gone. Hope you think that’s a fair do. What price to be pain free? Sleep better etc? You tell me. Equally if you’re interested to learn self hypnosis I can help you with that too.

Dianne Senior 29.6.17

*Results may vary from person to person

Please note: This is for old pain that is not giving you new pain messages. New pain is a message that you need to get checked out.

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A message for you – yes, you

This is a message for you, yes you. The person on my page reading this.
Now, I don’t know if you found this page because you were curious about me or about what I do or how I do it.
I don’t know if you are reading this because you are wanting to change the way you think, do or live.
I wonder if you’re thinking about yourself or someone you know.
I wonder if you would like to reach out or talk or ask me a question.
Whatever the reason, you’re here, right now, and I think that means there’s a reason.
Am I right? Can I help? There’s really only one way to find out. There’s nothing to fear except fear itself.
I hope you will find the strength to message me.
I look forward so much to hearing from you.
If your kind of person is kind
then I’m just your kind of person

Dianne Senior 29.6.17


Relationship Pain in the heart

If you walked away from something or someone that was hurting you.
Pat yourself on the back time.
You’re a winner in the game of life.
Even if you’re dealing with the after effects of such bravery, this time will pass.
However, your body will remember the trauma for quite a while to come, that’s perfectly normal and ok.
Also, if you need help to feel better, it’s absolutely ok to reach out and ask.
There are no prizes for hiding or not dealing with your emotions.
Take care, well done and if I can be of help give me a shout – the louder the better.
I love it when people offload 😊

Dianne Senior 17.5.17