Autumn the season of change

…but is it a good enough time to be a reason for change?
if so you might be interested in my
Empower ME project

I’ve set aside time to speak to 10 people on a one to one Empower Me call – to kickstart your desire to be the You that you want to be, I’m going to help you:

      Identify the #1 change that’s calling to you

Offer you the #1 action to begin your Empower Me change


Create a practical plan to get you started on the EmpowerMEnt outcome you want

and if I think I can help you succeed without struggle, then I’ll advise you what personal help I can offer to help you get what you want.

Sound good? contact me to grab a call
Dianne 07546612955

Empower Me Project kickstart
1 x 30 minute call + action plan via email

Empower Me Project
1 x 3o minute call + action plan +4 x 1:1 sessions by video call

Empower Me Project VIP
1 x 30 minute call + action plan + 4 x 1:1 in person sessions

*Results may vary from person to person

Empty Nesters

Empty nesters we’re called.
Women and men who raised their children/family only to feel ‘lost’, without purpose or hobbies when the chicks fly the nest, whether that’s for Uni or ‘leaving home’.

Not knowing what to do with the silence and endless hours as all our time, effort, energy and finances were put into raising our family.  After years and years of raising this family we cannot even recall a life before them, let alone who we are or what we like.  When this happened to me, I was also single so didn’t have a companion to share any of this endless ‘me’ time so I volunteered at a local charity shop, became a ‘Saturday girl’ as the silence of the weekends just went on forever.

I remember going on my first ‘girls’ holiday, I was 52 my newly acquired friend, from the afore mentioned charity shop who was also a Saturday girl was 62.  My first holiday without a man or a child…… the first time I learned to breathe, relax and be in the now.  Ah yes, I remember it well, me on a lilo in the bluest of blue Mediterranean sea. (there’s probably another blog about that!)

Anyway, the fantastic news is that this newly acquired space and time can also be an opportunity for a sense of freedom.  Yes, freedom! You may not remember that too much.  A time to find yourself again.  And, that’s where I come in. I help ‘empty nesters’ to grieve their loss, to find their purpose, to imagine a life worth living, to re-invent themselves, to begin to enjoy this new, strange, scary, exciting time of their life and learn to feel free not necessarily by filling every single minute of every single day.  But perhaps by learning to breath mindfully, enjoy life mindfully, appreciate what they’ve got.

I provide a space and time to guide you through a lovely hypnotic journey to experience a sense of release, to cleanse your negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, to heal and forgive, to reconnect with yourself and perhaps your inner child and to imagine and future plan a meaning and purpose for yourself.

Sounds good? Yes indeedy…. bring it on I say 🙂

So, if you’re feeling lost, lonely or have no idea what to do now the chicks have flown the nest. Do get in touch, 07546612955 it’s good (and free) to talk 😊 and let me help you to help yourself.

The time is now, Let’s do it

Hugs and understanding, I get you

A message for you – yes, you

This is a message for you, yes you. The person on my page reading this.
Now, I don’t know if you found this page because you were curious about me or about what I do or how I do it.
I don’t know if you are reading this because you are wanting to change the way you think, do or live.
I wonder if you’re thinking about yourself or someone you know.
I wonder if you would like to reach out or talk or ask me a question.
Whatever the reason, you’re here, right now, and I think that means there’s a reason.
Am I right? Can I help? There’s really only one way to find out. There’s nothing to fear except fear itself.
I hope you will find the strength to message me.
I look forward so much to hearing from you.
If your kind of person is kind
then I’m just your kind of person

Dianne Senior 29.6.17


Meno pause for thought

As Carol Vorderman speaks out today about the depths of her depression whilst going through the menopause.

Here’s a shout out to all the lovely ladies of a certain age I have helped with anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, feelings of sadness, loneliness and empty nests.

Your peri menopause, menopause and post menopause is your own personal experience, it is not your mother’s menopause or your closest friend’s menopause.

If it’s all feeling too much for you,
If you’re emotionally all over the place
Weight gain, loss of joy, motivation, night sweats
And the rest

Reach out to me. I’m also a woman of a certain age and I can help you in ways you don’t realise, because you just think it’s something you just have to ‘get on with’.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Stop suffering, being a martyr or a slave to your hormones and message me

Thinking of you