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“I had the great pleasure of having a really empowering session with Dianne Senior, a kind, knowledgeable and talented Clinical Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Coach.  In the session I really did let go of some of those old ideas, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  She put me at perfect ease with who I am and where I am going.  She also helped me to clearly see a path into my future.
Today I’ve woken after the best nights sleep.  I feel strong, confident and powerful, full of positivity to keep moving forward expanding my business.  Thank you Diane x”
Amanda Harrison, Harrogate

“Dianne has helped me in so many ways especially when life was difficult.  Dianne is amazing at what she does, a true professional who keeps up to date on new practice.  She has a wealth of knowledge and techniques which she shares with her clients adapting them to meet clients own personal needs.  Not only does she give you time to reflect but gives you the strength to find solutions.  Dianne is a very gifted practitioner and I would not have any hesitation in recommending her to friends and family.  Thank you Diane” HF

Dianne 07546612955

Relationship issues, Grief, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Pain, Fear/Phobia
Dianne has been my fantastic change therapist and helped me through all of the above.  I honestly can’t recommend the change therapy and Rapid Pain Elimination work she does highly enough!  Life changing! Honestly she is the most dedicated, caring professional, all to gain and nothing to lose by working with her IF you want it and are ready for change!” RC, Brighouse

“Dianne is really good at what she does! I visited her earlier this year for confidence/anxiety issues.  I believe her and the techniques she taught me have been so beneficial and would recommend her to anyone who has this kind of issue!” Carla, Bradford

Dianne 07546612955

“I approached Dianne to help me with a fear of heights and ‘open tread’ stairs.  She helped me manage my though processes and my irrational fears!  Recently I took part in an activity which I would have previously avoided because of my fears.  The first time I carried out the activities which I would have previously avoided, my negative thoughts were immediately countered with positive thoughts and then when I found myself again in the same situation… nothing!  No negativity, nothing!  I was actually enjoying myself, and a member of my party commented how different my reactions had been and would have previously been ‘freaked out’!!
Huge thanks to Dianne, I would and have recommended her to everyone!
Comment from my husband ‘whatever that lady did, she has worked miracles!”  Angela B, Bradford

RIGHT SIZE & SHAPE Weight Management

Dianne 07546612955

“Thank you so much Dianne. My life really is changed I am in control of my emotions, my eating and food habits and the weight is falling off, I’m actually in control of my life! And it feels amazing. It’s all down to you & the Hypnotherapy. This really is the happiest I’ve felt in years. I highly recommend anyone see you and get help with whatever it is they need. Don’t wait just get in touch and be helped

WHAT IS HYPNOTHERAPY?- exploring possibilities through imagination
“Just loved my first therapy session with this lovely lady tonight, I felt very skeptic at first as I have tried these sessions before but I feel really positive about it now and cannot wait for my next one next week. Thanks Dianne Senior xxx” Ann, Bradford – she had group hypnotherapy with another therapist prior to meeting me

Dianne 07546612955

WHAT IS HYPNOTHERAPY? – exploring inner self/meaning
“I have not had hypnotherapy previously and had no idea what to expect (actually I was quite nervous!). Dianne was excellent at putting me at ease, and completely explaining the process, which could have been quite difficult since we were working through video messenger. I felt confident in Dianne’s abilities and very comfortable with the experience. The hypnotherapy itself was incredibly relaxing and left me feeling positive and confident. I highly recommend Dianne, and I will definitely be working with her again”. Kelly, Carmarthen

“Dianne is such an amazing and caring lady who really is there to help people who are going though a difficult time and is so full of knowledge and instantly put me at ease and i felt so comfortable. I came to see dianne as i have been overwhelmed with alot of different problems mainly anxiety related and the techniques that dianne did with me has helped me to feel so much calmer and i felt such a sense of relief after seeing her. I can’t recommend Dianne enough she really is so passionate at what she does and is a truly amazing lady.” Hayley, Bradford

Dianne 07546612955

FEAR – Confidence
“Big thank you to Dianne Senior. I visited Dianne for some hypnotherapy to help me deal with some confidence issues. Had a wonderful and relaxing experience during my session with Dianne. I slept like a baby the same evening. The following day I woke up feeling very relaxed, happy, but more importantly, confident and excited about my future career! Dianne is a very professional lady who knows how to use her skills to enable people to change their lives. I will definitely visit her again and would have no hesitation in recommending her to others regarding any issues they need help with. A lovely lady.” Pat, Leeds

Only had a consultation but came away feeling very positive , Diane is able to use her knowledge and experience to make you comfortable and take control of your own well being amazing lady really can not wait for my next appointment”  Helen, Halifax

“I can highly recommend the very lovely Dianne Senior at Dianne Senior – The Solution Clinic ….today my anxiety levels were pretty high, partly due to the fact that I shall be on live telly in my pants soon (as if that were not reason enough) so she rushed over and performed some Wizardry that WORKED! I also had some Hypnotherapy with her last week that was just wonderful too. Thank you so much x”  Mya, Bradford

Dianne 07546612955

FEAR/PHOBIA – Deep water, Roller coasters
“Truly amazing! I never thought it possible to overcome my fear and anxiety of water, but Dianne worked worked with me and I am now free of what has always controlled my life. Highly recommended, she really is fabulous!” Val, Bradford

“I wasn’t too sure about what I was coming in to but I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed with the situation. I would never have believed something like this would of helped me but I was really surprised with how I felt after it finished. I always thought that the feeling I had would of been stuck with me forever but now I feel completely different. She has many different techniques she uses, she gives you a choice and uses the technique she thinks is the best for you. I highly recommend the technique I used and Dianne! I left very happy” Demi, Bradford

“Unbelievable results! Everything to gain and nothing to lose! Highly recommended” Rachel, Brighouse

Dianne 07546612955

“Had a session previously with tooth ache, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was amazing!! Helped a lot” Lisa, Bradford

“I have also had relax techniques and it really helped to feel more positive and could take away some tips to help, gave great aftercare always there to check in if need further help 10/10″ Lisa, Bradford

Ready to take control of your life? now contact us today
Dianne 07546612955

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